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Our Solutions

We find growth opportunities, then implement, manage and measure them.


Equipped with industry-leading referral analytics and coached by our seasoned sales management team, our field personnel give your service lines the dedicated customer-focus required to innovate and capture market share.

Services include:

  • Service line outreach representatives
  • Sales management and coaching
  • Call routing and CRM implementation
  • Market research and surveying


Ivy’s concierge referral management platform personalizes and brands your referral process, providing each referring group a single point of contact.

Services include:

  • Scheduling
  • Pre-authorization
  • Pre-registration
  • Care coordination
  • Post-procedure follow-up


Measure and identify opportunities to move market share. Ivy’s analytics turns your data into actionable strategies.

Services include:

  • Referral tracking
  • Leakage and opportunity analysis
  • Market research and industry benchmarking
  • Competitive pricing and payor mix analysis
  • Dashboarding and service line reporting
  • Scheduling and service metric dashboarding
  • Capital and budget planning


Develop a service line growth plan based on customer needs and local competitive standards.

Services include:

  • Operational workflow analysis
  • Patient access workflow and service level assessment
  • Competitive pricing review
  • Market and industry research
  • Utilization and staffing analysis
  • Customer service benchmarking