What our clients are saying

The Queen's Medical Center

“We are thrilled to have Ivy Ventures as our strategic partner to grow our diagnostic imaging service line and market share in Honolulu. ...”

Bon Secours Richmond Health System

“[Ivy] ... has demonstrated a refined expertise in imaging, including key insights into the strategic development of outpatient facilities ...”

Intermountain Healthcare logo

“... Ivy’s innovative approach of managing a staffed sales program and identifying key operational and strategic projects helped us take full advantage of our investment in imaging assets by growing high-margin volumes.”

Vanguard Health Systems logo

“... Ivy’s rigorous staffed sales program helped us identify new sources of business, backfill the loss of our largest practice, and then grow outpatient diagnostic volume in their first year.”

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Satisfy Customers. Improve Efficiency. Grow Profits.

What Ivy Does for Hospitals: Ivy Ventures has a comprehensive program to help hospitals grow outpatient radiology, the most profitable service line.

  • Customer service and ease of use often determine outpatient radiology‘s referral patterns. Our programs are specifically designed to improve hospitals’ ability to attract radiology referrals from competitors.
  • Our programs are proven in markets across the country and typically deliver a seven figure profit impact in the first year.
  • Ivy works successfully with some of the largest and most prestigious health organizations in the country.

Our experience and success growing outpatient radiology referrals has enabled us to develop assessment tools, operational programs and strategies specifically for integrated health systems to help them grow other outpatient service lines such as lab, sleep, physical therapy and rehabilitation, wound care, and more. In addition, we have a shoe leather sales and marketing representative dedicated to your hospital who will be instrumental in gathering direct customer feedback, competitive information, and building relationships with your referring physicians.